Panda Pirates

The Comparison

Super Sonic


Overwatch’s Tracer

Harry Potter

The Legend of Panda Style

Jam Kuradoberi

Mercy from Overwatch

PandaStyle Official

Esports Logo design for Mario Tennis League

Esports logo design for Tekken

More Mario Tennis League designs

Assets for DJ and Jill’s Wedding

Birthday Invitation Design
(Didn’t create characters)

Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets

Super Smash Bros: Ness Shirt
(Didn’t create character)

Rules and Assets for Super Bomberman: Tabletop Blast
(didn’t create characters or assets)

Program Design for my wedding

Assets for friends Wedding Invitation

Afuro Gunso Cosplay design

Afuro Gunso and Sgt. Major Kululu Cosplay design

Super Smash Bros: Bowser Shirt design

All Me

Various things I did, do, and will continue to do for myself and others on my journey through the crazy but, awesome world of Art & Design.